Projects that are currently recruiting!

Mother-Child Dynamics (MCD) Study

We are recruiting children (ages 9-12) and their mothers starting in September, 2022! If you'd like to participate, please complete this form or email us at  

PI: Selin Zeytinoglu

Funding Source: National Institute of Mental Health, F32

Purpose: In this study, we examine how children learn about social situations through mother-child conversations. This is a fun study for mother-child dyads because they get to wear mobile eye-tracking glasses that help us keep track of where they are looking as they interact with each other! Our research assistants in this picture are happily wearing these glasses. We look forward to having our participants try them on!

Who can participate? 9-12-year old children and their mothers (who are fluent in English).

What would you do and get? 

1) Pre-visit questionnaires completed by the mother and the child: Parents receive $10 (online amazon gift card or cash during the visit). 

2) Laboratory visit: Mothers and children participate in social conversation and eye-tracking tasks! Parents receive $40 and children pick a gift.

3) Online survey completed by mothers & children (6 months after the lab visit). Mothers receive $25 for participation.

Where would you participate? 4716 Pontiac Street, Suite 2104, College Park, 20740. Child Development Lab, University of Maryland.